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❤❤❤NURU TREATMENT❤❤❤  2021-10-05Normal08:21:38

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Date : 2021-10-05   Time : 08:21:38

Hi Gents,

This is Jaanvi , professional nuru therapist in DEHIWALA MY OWN APARTMENT.
I invite only VIP's and High, professionals and decent people, not time wastes.

Rates as follow
♥️ Nuru Treatment & Happy Ending 6000/- (40 Minites)
♥️Nuru Treatment & Full Service 7,500/- (One hour)
♥️Shower, Nuru & Full Service 8,000/-
(One hour)
♥️Nuru, Full Service Two Times
10,000/- ( One hours & 15 Minite)
♥️Shower, Nuru, & Full Service Two Times
12,000/- ( One hour & 15 Minites)

📣📣📣Please note the foriegners charges will be higher than this.
♥️Nuru Treatment with Full Service 15,000/- ( One Hour)
♥️Shower, Nuru & Full Service 18,000/-
(One Hour)
♥️Shower, Nuru, & Full Service Two Times
20,000/- (One & Half hours)

☢️When you paid for any package it will not refund due to any reason.☢️☢️☢️


Call me 0763116717

Thank you !

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